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DIYリフォーム パート26 - 床の張替えと壁の施工 / DIY Home Renovation Part 26 - Floor and Wall construction

DIYリフォーム パート26 - 床の張替えと壁の施工 / DIY Home Renovation Part 26 - Floor and Wall construction

The last time we showed you most of the modular bathroom, but as that was going on, we were also doing the floor of the room as well.
 When I used to live here myself, it got so cold inside that I could see my breath in the winter, but since we'll apply some thermal material, now it should be habitable for the human species. As a matter of fact, old Japanese houses were like that.
The floor looks a bit like the ones we used for the first floor, but this is a more conventional wood panel with a cosmetic surface, and people whoever done one of these things should know them well, but it's the kind you need to nail on the edges at a 45 degrees angle. The material itself is a bit more gorgeous both to the eyes and your touch.
 The intereior walls were Japanese style
But we've installed thermal insulation as well and covered it with plywood.
This is how it looked like. The frontage of the modular bathroom is also constructed. The plan is to apply a diatom earth finish after all the structures are done.
Here's a wider view. The white sink is for the washroom. The rectangular hole is for the washing machine pan.
The grey projection you can see next to the washing pan hole is the drain pipe for the toilet. So finally, we can make out the total layout here now. 
In order to use the toilet while someone is taking a bath, next we started to construct a wall frame with two by fours.
So this will be the dressing room/washroom/washing machine room.
 The width of the restroom is a bit narrow, but it's a tiny house so you know.
The wall isn't finished just yet, but you can make out how it will look after the doors were installed. The restroom door is slightly secluded is because the right side of the door leads to a storage space so this was done to secure some entrance space.
To be continued!


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